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CH Algedi Farm DJ Splash O' Honey

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Splash as a three year old, second freshener, winning her class.

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Splash's ADGA Genetics page.


This little doe (she's lucky if she's much over 20") was actually sold as a kid, but boy are we thrilled that the buyer backed out!  Splash is refined and stylish, with a strong topeline, flat bone pattern, and a loonngg neck, angular rear legs, improved feet over her dam, and short, high, pasterns.  If I was to tweak anything on Splash, I would give her toes that face straight ahead and a better shoulder set.  Her udder is her crowning glory (as it should be), it excels in strength of MSL, rear udder height, area of attachment, and man, oh, man is her udder texture to die for - she even earned an E in udder texture in 2010!  Her teats do point forward, and she does have a slight pocket, but her foreudder extension is nice and lacks a shelf.   In terms of milk production, Splash has been impressive.  Only having one kid usually translates to low production, however at Splash's peak in 2009, she was milking 1.5 quarts a day.  She's also insistent on not drying up, and after a week of trying to move her to one milking a day, she was still going strong and her production had not dropped! And the work ethic on this girl is flawless! Definitely my favorite doe to milk.



At liberty after being milked out.

Show Record:


Type Of Win:  


ADGA Sr. Grand Champion Two
ADGA Sr. Reserve Champion One
ADGA Sr. First Place Eight


Sr. Second Place


ADGA 1st Place Dam & Daughter  One
ADGA Part of 1st Place Dairy Herd One


Jr. Grand Champion



Jr. Reserved Grand



Kidding Record:








Rosasharn's TL Sitka Spruce *S




Twin Creeks BW Montego Bay +*S

2010 3 0 Rosasharn's TL Sitka Spruce *S
2011 1 1 Camanna CC Rhythm 'n Blues
2012 1 1 Algedi Farm SS Captain Kid

 Grand Total: Eleven Kids

Linear Appraisal History:

(Permanent score in bold)

Year: Height: (Inches) General Appearance: Dairy Character: Body
Mammary: Final Score:
2007 19 V V V - V
2008 20 + V + V 85
2010 20.5 V V E E 89
2011 20.5 V V E E 90


(Thumbnails - please click to enlarge)

Year: Freshening: Body: Udder:
2007 N/A N/A
2008 First
2009 Second Splash REDGA
2010 Third    
2011 Fourth Missed taking
2012 Fifth Coming?


Examples Of Progeny:

2008 Kids:

(Sired by Sitka Spruce)

Algedi Farm SS Ripple (Deceased)

Algedi Farm SS Odesa

Photo courtesy of Jasper Pine Nigerians.
2009 Kid:

(Sired by Montego Bay)

Algedi Farm MB Mary Reade

1 x Sr. GCH

Photos courtesy of Stephanie Riedel.
2010 Kids:

(Sired by Sitka Spruce)

Algedi Farm SS Captain Kid

LA2011 VEE 88

Algedi Farm SS Ponce deLeon
2011 Kids:

(Sired by Rhythm 'n Blues)

Algedi Farm RB Storm Surge

Algedi Farm RB Ocean Flower

2 x Jr. GCH

Photo courtesy of Trilogy Ranch.
2012 Kids:

(Sired by Captain Kid)

Algedi Farm CK Rock The Boat


Kalee's Notes:

Splash is quite the character, and very much a mama's girl.  When she kidded for the first time, she shocked us by deciding since she was nursing kids, she should be nursing also!  It was quite a sight to see Tupelo with a newborn nursing from one side, and Splash, udder and all, suckling from the other!  To this day Splash is more bonded to Tupelo then her own kids, and becomes extremely upset if they're separated.  because of this Tupelo has to be present at ringside when Splash is in the ring.  One VERY distinctive quality of this little gal is her amusingly high pitched voice that she uses often.  No matter if she's attempting to perform opera while in the show ring, asking to be let out for browsing, or demanding to be milked, it always brings a giggle.


Sire: Dam: Dam's Udder:
CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey E91 3*D  


The sight that greets me regularly at the barn.

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