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A time when the depth of winter, ladies boots become an integral part of everyday dress with a single product. Because good warm boots, so ladies no longer be bound by thick pants, do not because of tall slender slim enough to worry about, a wide range of boots so that they become the protagonist of the fashion scene. Wear your favorite boots and then with the variety of beautiful dresses, beautiful rose immediately. After browsing gold ingots Group four supermarkets department stores, I found this winter boots have three highlights.
Jackboot, warm and stylish. Knee boots emerge in a variety of fashion shows, fashion darling, and each shoe brand counters in shopping malls, their shadow is everywhere. Knees, by definition must be long enough, just long enough to fashion over the knee. Or sheepskin or new stretch fabrics, slim silhouette boots wrapped in the legs, smooth and create a general effect as pants up. In Tribeca, Millie and other brand counters, you'll see a suitable height in the heel, providing a good enough comfort for these boots, but also to some monotone silhouette trace of change.
North wind hit, jackboot only warm is better than pants, and easier to modify than the pants legs, as long as you find the right pair of jackboot, like piercing slender legs, absolutely not a dream Oh. Go WHAT FOR, thousands of Baidu, kissing cat counters look at it, maybe where to find your dish oh.
Retro thick heel, comfortable and more wild. Retro thick heels hot in recent years, walking in the trend of cutting-edge fashion people have abandoned thin heels, wearing a simple rough heels, winter boots will not give up such a fashion hotspot. Rough with women's boots is not only comfortable and durable, but also very wild, especially boots and ankle boots, and for the best, whether it is handsome jeans, or dress Mimi can wear a different kind of taste. In the tread Su, OLGA, Basto, fed, these brands thick heel shoes also been modified, or sequins, or film, by making changes in the original sense to weaken bulky enhance the fashion degree.
Retro thick with if matched with waterproof, it is no better, and can make the wearer's body more tall and straight, it has been confirmed from many brands launch approximate models.
Metal ornaments, creative heavy quality. This winter, the boots mosaic rivets, with all kinds of sequins, is still very popular, how to do a surprise move, the head start, the competition will have the designer's creativity. Take the most used rivets, its location, number and shape, etc., have become the designers carried Competition "weapons." In Oka Su, Laiersidan, Red Branch and other brands, we can see that this competition has become "white hot."
For a well-designed boots, the boots accessories level of quality will bring important image points, especially those boots with rivets, sequins and other decorative objects as the main terms, even more so. From the distinctive metal toe cap to the metal buckles, zippers, people's attention was attracted by a bright spot each on the boots. Smooth and delicate highlight those metal parts, is both functional and decorative properties. For example, the toe in front of decorative sequins, you can reduce the wear of the toe, STACCATO is to be extended to the water table. In Belle, zipper role is to maximize from the upper to upper, front, side, you can see the zipper figure, long or short, decorated with different colors, different height boots.
There are many brands, such as Nuo Beida, all kinds of pop elements, all brought fashion highlights for its use, although intersecting, but harmony and unity, its unique diamond design, making each show boots gorgeous, noble .
Well, you ladies, I am sure you already have a preliminary understanding of some of the highlights of winter boots, a good screening to identify with its own temperament, the image that most take one, it immediately became the focus of fashion this winter on the street, or It is the office of the beautiful landscape.

Stuart Weitzman 5050