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Kelosia (registered as GAM's Golden Chance) is Kalee's dream come true - a Gold Champagne Tennessee Walking Horse.  This lovely filly joined our family in the summer of 2009 as a two year old from Canada, and has been an absolute joy to have.  "Losi" is remarkably calm, sweet, and smart as a whip.  Thus far, Kalee has been able to do all her training - including starting her under saddle and taking her out on slow, easy trail rides.  Her movement at liberty promises a smooth gait once going strong under saddle.  Kalee plans for her to be a stellar trail horse, is greatly enjoying taking basic dressage lessons with her, and is toying with the idea of endurance racing in the future.






Since Kelosia has turned out to be such a wonderful horse, Kalee just couldn't help herself when Kelosia's two years younger sister became available.  Dahlia (registered GAM's Champagne Lexus) is as sweet as she is pretty, and has the same in-your-pocket personality her big sis has.  She's a very pretty mover, and Kalee looks forward to when she's old enough to start seriously riding.  As for now, Dahlia is getting used to packing around a saddle and a light human, along with learning ground driving, and yielding to pressure.  Her future will most likely contain trail riding and gaited dressage.


?/?/01 - 9/14/10

Solara was a Paint x Percheron PMU mare we adopted in October 2003 through the United Pegasus Foundation.  PMU mares are used to produce a common estrogen replacement drug that has decreased in popularity causing several thousand mares and foals to need homes.  Solara came to us very distrusting of humans.  We initially could not get near her.  With time and love Solara had turned the corner and was a wonderful companion horse.   We were extremely happy with her and glad we took on this project.  Unfortunately Solara suffered from chronic illness and had to be euthanized at the all too young age of nine.  We miss you and your gentle, kind spirit, Solara.  You had the softest eyes a horse could possess.





Holly has been an incredible teacher and friend for Kalee since she joined our family in June '06.  She's a '95 Arabian x Paint who's trained to take on our difficult trails as though they're ant hills.  She's willing to work, quick on her feet, and very responsive.  One of those horses that truely loves going on adventures, and has her ears pricked as they travel down the trails.  She is a rather bossy gal who needs a quiet and firm hand to keep her steady.  Holly and Kalee have formed an unbreakable bond, and their time out together is always one filled with joy.


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