Future Stars


If you have any questions regarding our stock please feel free to contact us.  While none of these girls are currently for sale, we may decide to let some go after freshening.  Please contact us if interested.

Copper Penny The Bee's Knees

DOB 04-2-10

Young Stock LA: V+Ec V

Sire: Castle Rock Cobalt

Dam: Algedi Farm SS Honey Honey

Body: Dry yearling. Udder: Two year old, first freshener.

Kneena's ADGA Genetics page.

'Kneena' came to me as part of a trade.  She's out of one of "our" does, who is a genetic powerhouse (Sitka Spruce x SGCH Tupelo Honey 4*D, 3 x BDIS), and by a buck that carries some the finest the Castle Rock herd has to offer (Guy Noir x ARMCH/CH Once Ina Blue Moon 2*D).  Kneena herself is a correct kid - long bodied, fairly level over the topline while on the move, has a wide rear end assembly, wide thurls, and clean front legs.  If I were to improve her with a magic wand, I would give her smoother shoulders and more "stretch and style" куда можно сходить в Туле. I like how well balanced this kid is, and I'm really interested to see how she freshens.  Kneena is also Miss Personality-Plus, and is quite the talker, and has a typical 'bottle brat' friendliness.  Thanks, Penny, for letting me bring her home! 

Sold - thanks Heidi K.!

Show Record: ADGA: 1 x 3rd (out of fifteen yearlings).

Algedi Farm DJ Tawari Honey

DOB 04-4-11

Sire: CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S

Dam: SGCH Rosasharn's UMT Tupelo Honey 4*D E91

Pictured at two and a half weeks old.

Tawari's ADGA Genetics page.

Woohoo - another beautiful doeling from the proven SGCH Tupelo x CH Jupiter breeding!  Tawari is exactly what I ordered - a very balanced, long, level, and dairy doeling with straight front legs (just like big sis SGCH Honey Dew!), all wrapped up in a shiny black package!  When she freshens in 2013 I'm hoping (and expecting) to see that well attached, very productive udder that all of her sisters sport.

Algedi Farm Jealous OfThe Moon

DOB 04-14-11

Sire: Algedi Farm MB Manuka Honey

Dam: GCH Rosasharn's TL Zenith 3*M E90

Pictured as a yearling.

Jay's ADGA Genetics page

"Jay" is from a repeat breeding that produced all bucklings the first time around - albeit very correct bucklings - but bucklings nonetheless.  Well, Jay more than makes up for that disappointment last year!  She is an extremely eye catching doeling that is very much her mother's daughter, and her paternal grandmother's granddaughter.  She is dairy, dairy, dairy when one puts their hands on her, but has great balance in terms of depth and width.  Oh, and I adore her rump in terms of length and width!  Though I will admit she could be a bit leveler from hips to pins, however I have seen that change dramatically after freshening in this line.  And the icing on the cake is she appears to have inherited her dam's gorgeous head.  Perhaps that gorgeous udder will follow!

Sold to and photo courtesy of Trilogy Ranch.

Algedi Farm DJ Melodica

DOB 04-30-11

Sire: CH Algedi Farm Drops Of Jupiter *S

Dam: CH Algedi Farm D Capella E90

Melodica's ADGA Genetics page.

Hopefully a picture of this solid black doeling will surface this (2012) summer.  For now, a description will have to suffice.  While Melodica may not be the most eye catching doeling in the pen, she may very well be the most correct.  She stands on straight front legs, and wide set, angular rear legs.  She possesses lovely dairy character, but retains balance in her correct depth of barrel and width in the chest floor.  Her topline is the levelest of my '11 kids, and her body is the longest in relation to leg length.  And I love her head - a broad muzzle, with her mother's big feminine eyes.  Oh, and just like her maternal family, she is a sweetheart, and seems to have inherited her sire's easy going demeanor.  I had to think about what I'd like to change about her, but a bit "flashier" general appearance wouldn't hurt with a more upright headset.  I have great hopes for this beautiful doeling who is triple bred on my beloved Zenith!

Sold to Trilogy Ranch.